Email Input

Email Input is used for Internet email addresses and will reject any input that doesn’t comply with the required format.


  • Type Detection - Field names with 'email' in the name will default to email inputs. If your field is not automatically detected as an email input, you can specify it with :email after the field name.

  • Format Validation - A valid email address of the form [email protected] is required.

  • Email Domain Validation - the domain of the email address will be verified as having valid DNS entries including at least one MX record to receive email.

  • 'Did You Mean' Domain Suggestions - If the email domain contains a possible typo, then an alternative domain may be suggested to the user. This feature is designed to help users ensure they have not mistyped a common mail provider name.


field_name?:email< label | placeholder >



Valid Values

Invalid Values

  • - no mailbox provided

  • mailbox@company - not a valid domain

  • [email protected] - not a valid domain or no domain MX record